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The purpose of the Austin Peay Athletics Hall of Fame is to identify and honor in a permanent manner those individuals who have achieved excellence in athletics at Austin Peay State University and others who have contributed to the advancement of athletics at the University through their support, in time, resources or both.

Purpose, eligibility, method of selection, induction and enshrinement are articles of the Austin Peay State University Athletics Hall of Fame bylaws. Since 1977, the Hall of Fame display in the Dunn Center has been one of the finest in the country. The activity surrounding the induction of honorees in a ceremony now of Hall of Fame Day during the winter has become one of the University's finest traditions.

Below is a complete list of individuals currently inducted into the Austin Peay Athletics Hall of Fame, listed by year inducted. Clicking on an inductees name will link you to their biography as presented at the Hall of Fame Ceremony that year, unless the inductee is an active member of the Austin Peay athletics department.

The Austin Peay Athletics Hall of Fame display in the front lobby of the Winfield Dunn Center. Along with plaques for each of the Hall of Fame's inductees, the center section features displays for each of the department's seven retired jerseys.

Induction Class Inductee Category Years at APSU
1977-78 David Aaron Coach and Athletics Director 1946-72
1978-79 George Fisher Player, Coach and Athletics Director 1946-77
  Halbert Harvill Coach and University President 1929-62
  Dick Hays Athlete: Football 1948-52
  Tom Morgan Athlete: Men's Basketball and Baseball 1952-58
  Stella Schnupp Athlete: Women's Basketball 1932-34
  Jim Stewart Athlete: Men's Basketball and Baseball 1957-61
  Earl Walton Broadcaster 1949-71
1979-80 Fred Brown Coach 1936-42
  Ben Fendley Athlete: Football 1947-50
  John Ogles Athlete: Football 1963-66
  Harold Roberts Athlete: Football 1967-70
  Marshall Toombs Athlete: Men's Basketball 1939-41
1980-81 Tim Chilcutt Athlete: Football 1961-65
  Lin Dunn Coach 1971-75
  Leon Sandifer Coach 1937-69
  James Williams Athlete: Men's Basketball 1972-74
  Howard Wright Athlete: Men's Basketball 1966-70
1981-82 Carlton Flatt Athlete: Football 1961-64
  Bonnie Sloan Athlete: Football 1969-72
  Jim Smith Athlete: Men's Golf 1965-68
1982-83 Lake Kelly Coach 1970-77
  L.E. Oakley Athlete: Football 1947-51
  James Stone Athlete: Men's Basketball 1946-50
1983-84 Sherwin Clift Player, Coach and Broadcaster 1956-82
  Tom Dillard Athlete: Football 1964-65
  Howard Jackson Athlete: Men's Basketball 1971-73
1984-85 Leon Bibb Faculty Athletics Representative 1952-80
  Ronnie Parson Athlete: Football 1964-66
1985-86 Homer Bell Athlete: Football 1946-49
  Tommy Dobbs Athlete: Football 1963-66
  Aaron Schmidt Faculty 1956-
1986-87 Bob Bible Athlete: Football 1974-77
  Otis Howard Athlete: Men's Basketball 1974-78
  Andy Toombs Athlete: Football and Men's Basketball 1964-67
1987-88 Kenny Geralds Athlete: Men's Basketball 1955-58
  J.B. Hatley Athlete: Men's Basketball 1937-40
1988-89 Joe Morgan University President 1963-76
  Julius Sneed Athlete: Football 1947-50
  Joanne Arnold-Tribue Athlete: Women's Basketball and Track & Field 1979-82
1989-90 Floyd Ford Faculty 1960-86
  Joe Neal Grisham Athlete: Football 1955-57
  R.D. Ward Athlete: Men's Basketball 1939-41
Induction Class Inductee Category Years at APSU
1990-91 Anthony Carter Athlete: Men's Track & Field 1973-76
  L.M. Ellis Athlete: Men's Basketball 1963-65
  Howard Gorrell Athlete: Men's Basketball 1956-60
1991-92 Mike Betts Athlete: Football 1975-79
  Mike Carn Athlete: Men's Golf 1970-74
  Ed Inman Athlete: Baseball 1968-71
1992-93 Ed Kulakowski Athlete: Football 1951-53
1993-94 Noel Phillips Athlete: Men's Tennis 1971-74
  Steve Puthoff Athlete: Football 1977-80
  Gene Washer Sports Editor 1964-77
1994-95 Jim Beshears Athlete: Men's Basketball 1959-62
  Bob Byrd Athlete: Football 1963-65
  T.J. Kleynhans-Allen Athlete: Women's Tennis 1983-87
1995-96 Glenn Colivas Athlete: Men's Track & Field 1976-80
1996-97 Eddie Childress Athlete: Men's Basketball 1971-73
  Danny Odums Athlete: Men's Basketball 1972-74
  Shannon Peters Athlete: Women's Tennis 1987-91
1997-98 Tommy Head Athlete: Men's Basketball 1965-67
  Shandra Maxwell-Chambers Athlete: Women's Basketball 1986-90
  Kevin Sipe Athlete: Baseball 1970-73
1998-99 Gary Boss Athlete: Men's Tennis 1974-77
  Bill Dupes Coach 1963-72
  Brett Williams Athlete: Football 1978-80
1999-00 Dr. A.R. Boyd Team Physician 1976-99
  Richard Darden Athlete: Football 1989-92
  Craig Rudolph Athlete: Men's Golf 1985-88
2000-01 Isabel Canedo-Reagan Athlete: Volleyball 1991-92
  Leonard Hamilton Coach 1971-74
2001-02 Jeff Gooch Athlete: Football 1994-96
  Richard Smith Athlete: Men's Golf 1992-95
  Charles Fishback Athlete: Men's Basketball 1976-80
2002-03 Jamie Walker Athlete: Baseball 1990-92
  Andrea Miller Athlete: Softball, Volleyball, Women's Basketball 1992-97
  Bubba Wells Athlete: Men's Basketball 1992-97
2003-04 Nate Manning Athlete: Baseball 1993-96
  Eddie Walls Athlete: Football 1983-86
2004-05 Chuck Abbott Athlete: Baseball 1994-96
  Amanda Behrenbrinker-Sloan Athlete: Women's Basketball 1994-97
  Angela Thompson Athlete: Softball 1992-95
2005-06 Trenton Hassell Athlete: Men's Basketball 1999-01
  Chuck Kimmel Head Athletic Trainer and Assistant Athletics Director 1981-06
2006-07 Susie Gardner Coach 1996-03
  Jermaine Savage Athlete: Men's Basketball 1992-96
  Susan Sheather-Kliebert Athlete: Women's Tennis 1991-94
2007-08 Dave Loos Coach and Athletics Director 1990-
  Ayesha Maycock Athlete: Women's Track and Field 1998-01
2008-09 Brooke Armistead Athlete: Women's Basketball 1999-03
  A.J. Ellis Athlete: Baseball 1999-03
  Sheena Gooding Athlete: Women's Track & Field 1998-02
2009-10 Doug Stamper Athlete: Men's Basketball 1961-64
  Gerlonda Hardin Athlete: Women's Basketball 2000-04
2010-11 Ryan Bennett Athlete: Baseball 1992-96
  Adrian Henning Athlete: Men's Basketball 2000-04
  Paige Smith Athlete: Women's Basketball 2000-04
2011-12 Jay Bailey Athlete: Football 2000-02
  Ashley Haynes Athlete: Women's Basketball 2003-06
  Cheryl Holt Coach and Administrator 1982-
2012-13 Dr. Cooper Beazley
Team Doctor 1986-
  Gary McClure
Coach 1987-
  Andrew Lorentzson
Honors: Men's Basketball 1936-38
2013-14 Shawn Kelley
Baseball 2004-07
  Brad Kirtley
Sports Information Director 1984-
  Nick Stapleton
Men's Basketball 1997-2002
  Reedy Sears
Honors: Football, Men's Basketball 1939-42
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